Konst & Teknik and Matilda Plöjel's collaborative project Publishing as (part-time) Practice, with support from Iaspis, is divided in to two parts; a seminar in Stockholm in May, and an exhibition at the NY Art Book Fair in late September of 2012.
For the seminar held at Iaspis in Stockholm, me and designer Bodil Gustafsson-Fürst were commissioned to create the spatial design.

The task was to create a welcoming and inspiring environment for 80+ guests to both sit and listen to the lectures, have a meal, and socialize in conversation with peers.
We chose to work with a red, white and black color scheme, considering the already established graphic identity.
We arranged the seating in an irregular fan-like formation and covered the tables in paper cloths with drawn-on lines in the style of huge book pages, also meant to function as scrap paper to take notes on.
To create life as well as intimacy in the space we hung large paper sheets from tightropes in the high ceiling, criss-crossed over the heads of the guests, evoking visual references to out-of-proportion book pages hung to dry at a printers studio.