Kolla! is the yearly competition for Graphic designers and illustrators arranged by the Swedish Graphic Artist Association, for which I in 2012 worked as production manager.

2012 was Kolla!'s 10th anniversary year and the competition had set up a special theme of posters - a theme that resonated in the Kolla! activities all throughout the year. The graphic and visual communication was created by WE DO NOT WORK ALONE.

A Poster Festival was held with support from Iaspis and hosted by Research&Development at their and Ugly Cute's shared studio space in Stockholm. Three international speakers were invited to reflect upon the poster from different perspectives: graphic designers Pierre Bernard (FR) and Maureen Mooren (NL), and curator in graphic design Charlotte Cheetham of Manystuff.org (FR). A group of Swedish designers also presented shorter talks. The poster festival was a great success with around 150 guests in the audience.
For the release of the jubilee-book and price ceremony - where in total 65 diplomas were awarded the Swedish graphic design and illustration community - Swiss graphic artist Jürg Lehni was invited to give an inspirational lecture. The event took place at the Bucky Dome in the garden of the Architecture museum, Stockholm.

My work for the Kolla! 2012 project mainly meant planning, arranging, communicating with jury and invited guests and public, general preparation and coordination; both leading up to and at the actual events.

I had the great pleasure of working close together with project manager Nina Beckmann.

   Photo: Erik Wåhlström