As part of my BA from the Aesthetics programme at Södertörn University majoring in Art history, I wrote a thesis called:
Big feelings in small objects. On the late 19th century's sentimental and mourning jewelry made of human hair.

The abstract reads as follows:
"This essay presents the reader with a study of three specific objects of sentimental mourning or memorial jewellery from the 19th century, made from human hair (a locket, a bracelet and a ring). Drawing upon the theories of primary sources James G Frazer, Susan Stewart, Marcia Pointon and Geoffery Batchen, the aim of this analysis is to make visible possible interpretations of the material by exploring themes of magical thinking, of the souvenir, the miniature and the photograph.
The essay wants to put these hair jewellery pieces, often looked upon with fascination and repulsion today, in their historical context to hopefully raise an understanding of the emotional meaning and power they once created and held for the bearer of them."

My tutor and mentor was the excellent assistant professor Andrea Kollnitz of Stockholm University's Centre for Fashion Studies.

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